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The purpose of this site is to provide the residents of Marathon Texas the information they might seek about their community services, activities, board members, and water utilities, in order to provide the best possible community for all its residence and stimulate individual involvement.  It will be up to each board to allow the info they choose to post.

Info such as documents, membership requirements, and member phone numbers or other contact info (only when members have given permission to do so.) will be posted.  If your visiting Marathon please visit

www.VisitMarathon.com for information on our businesses in the Marathon.  Also visit

cricfree.bz for watching sports online visit it.

www.BigBendRvSupply.com for places to visit while in Marathon and  a downloaded town map and local restaurant menus.

Job listings, Items for sale, and Messages to the

public can also be listed.


We are not divided by our differences; We are united by our passions.


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